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V2E1: Mile of Music Special Episode

We’re live on The Sponge Show with TWO of Mile of Music featured guests – Daniel from The Vegabonds and Coleman with Rare Creatures. We hear their thoughts of our hidden musical gem of Wisconsin, Mile of Music, and why they describe it as the place to go for as of yet undiscovered bands and...

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V2E1 – Becoming a Hollywood Producer: Greg Cebulski

How I Became a Producer for Discovery Channel and National Geographic The story of Supervising Producer, Greg Cebulski, and his start in the LA show business of film production by running to get the break food and coffee to now on the set for the Discovery Channel and National Geographic.  Volume 2 || Episode 1...

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V1E10: Trina Doxtator, Catalpa Health

The Sponge Show has reached its 10th episode, and with it, an exceptional guest, Trina Doxtator of Catalpa Health! We’re so excited to share this episode of The Sponge Show with you, where Trina talks about the life-saving work that Catalpa does, being a mother, and how Pop! came to be!

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V1E9: DeDe Heid, Heid Music

The Sponge Show exists to learn about thought leaders and business entrepreneurs here in Appleton! We’re proud to present this episode of The Sponge Show, with DeDe Heid from Heid Music! 🎶 DeDe shares with us the ins and outs of Heid Music, her favorite department of Heid Music, and all about Heid Music’s community involvement!

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V1E8: John Adams, The Draw

The Sponge Show is all about learning about absorbing insight from entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and community advocates, which is why The Sponge Show is so pleased to have John Adams of The Draw on the show with us today! On this episode of The Sponge Show, we talk about how John created The Draw, which combines workspaces...

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V1E7: Hannah Maurer, Twitch Partner

Have you ever thought about just how expansive the online gaming community is? Did you know that people can build a large online following and even earn an income from streaming video games online at Twitch.com? Twitch Partner and BConnected team member Hannah Maurer joins us on this episode of The Sponge Show to share...

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Show Host - Brad Cebulski

President/Owner, BConnected, LLC

The title of “The Sponge” harkens back to when Brad first started his first company, BConnected, LLC. Seeing himself as the youngest guy in the room, he often carried a sponge in his car to remind himself to sit back and soak in insight and knowledge from those around him. Now, he passes that mission on with this show.


Episode Production - Annika León

Account Manager, BConnected, LLC

The previous episode of The Sponge Show was produced by Annika León, Account Managers at BConnected, LLC. This included audio, video, and set production.

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