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Episode 2: Adrienne Palm, gBeta

Adrienne joins us for our second installment of The Sponge Show! She has a truly interesting background and has made her mark on the local culture scene with Pulse Young Professionals. She has brought a new light to the area with: Future 15 Awards The Artery Bazaar After Dark Now that she has moved on...

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Episode 1: Alison Mayer, US Venture

BConnected is proud to announce “The Sponge Show!” Brad, President/Owner of BConnected, hosts this bi-weekly podcast and digital show that features local community leaders talking about entrepreneurship, community impact, leadership, and digital marketing. For our first ever episode, we were pleased to have Alison Mayer from US Venture on to talk about: – the USA...

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Upcoming Guest - Neil Mix

Founder, Quadrant

Neil is a hidden treasure in the local business and start-up scene here in Appleton. Ever hear of Tony Hsieh (Zappos CEO), Tom Conrad (Snapchat VP), or Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO)? Well, Neil has worked with all of them!


Show Host - Brad Cebulski

President/Owner, BConnected, LLC

The title of "The Sponge" harkens back to when Brad first started his first company, BConnected, LLC. Seeing himself as the youngest guy in the room, he often carried a sponge in his car to remind himself to sit back and soak in insight and knowledge from those around him. Now, he passes that mission on with this show.


Previous Episode - Adrienne Palm

Director, gBETA Northeast Wisconsin
Adrienne is a force to be reckoned with in the local community. Everything she gets involved in, she creates momentum and makes a positive impact on the local culture scene. Now that she has moved on from Pulse Young Professionals, she is bringing that same energy to the local start-up scene with gBeta - a local satellite program for Generator.

Episode Production - Sam Fellner & Abbey Spierings

Account Managers, BConnected, LLC

The previous episode of The Sponge Show was produced by Sam Fellner and Abbey Spierings, Account Managers at BConnected, LLC. This included audio, video, and set production.

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