V2E1 – Becoming a Hollywood Producer: Greg Cebulski

How I Became a Producer for Discovery Channel and National Geographic

The story of Supervising Producer, Greg Cebulski, and his start in the LA show business of film production by running to get the break food and coffee to now on the set for the Discovery Channel and National Geographic. 

Volume 2 || Episode 1 of The Sponge Show podcast is here!

“The one thing I learned out of film school is that no one’s going to pay you to direct a movie. So if you’re going to do something for yourself, you’re going to have to hustle at it.”

Learn from a familiar name, a Cebulski relative, Greg, as he describes his most terrifying times on set, how he’s learned to trust the place you are at and why there is “nothing wrong with building on the shoulders of giants”.

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