From a Hometown Bar to $1 Billion in Car Sales with One Simple Focus: Tim Bergstrom, President of Bergstrom Automotive

V2E4: Tim Bergstrom, COO and President of Bergstrom Automotive

Tim Bergstrom refers to himself now as the Chief Cheerleader for Bergstrom Automotive, a company co-founded by his father, as he focuses on finding and leading the right people.  He started in the company by washing cars at the age of 12 and has dipped his toes into every job in this business since.

Bergstrom Automotive didn’t get its start in the car business.  They took a few ventures before propelling the success they are known for today.  Yet in that bar that had as much atmosphere as any true hometown bar does, they built the foundation of what they are continuing so passionately today by getting to know one thing: the people.

Hospitality was infused into the Bergstrom culture because it taught our business, “if the guest keeps coming back and wants to come back to choose us. We’ll be fine.”  Tim has never heard his father sway from that belief and states, “it’s the value creation that we offer.”

Tim held on to this idea by simply loving people.  “I like cars, I like driving cars and finding the right car for people, but my love is for people.”  With 1600 teammates within Bergstrom today, over $1 billion in sales in 30 different dealer operations….  We can’t help but agree.

As the future holds much promise, adaptation is one of the key things Bergstrom is focusing on and they have the internet to thank.  Putting a focus on the car buying process and the way customers are wanting to purchase a car is where their heads are at.

Tim is passionate about most things, but above all is the people and his community.  With Bergstrom’s involvement within our local community, they stand by their confidence that, “If you give where you get, it’ll be good for all.”

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