Volume 2 – Episode 1: Greg Cebulski, Film Producer

The Sponge Show premieres Volume 2, Episode 1! On this episode of The Sponge, we are joined by a very special guest, Greg Cebulski, brother of Brad Cebulski! Brad and Greg talk about Greg’s career in the film industry, working on Netflix shows, and how scary it can be to freelance!

Ep. 10: Trina Doxtator, Catalpa Health

The Sponge Show has reached its 10th episode, and with it, an exceptional guest, Trina Doxtator of Catalpa Health! We’re so excited to share this episode of The Sponge Show with you, where Trina talks about the life-saving work that Catalpa does, being a mother, and how Pop! came to be!

Episode 9: DeDe Heid, Heid Music

The Sponge Show exists to learn about thought leaders and business entrepreneurs here in Appleton! We’re proud to present this episode of The Sponge Show, with DeDe Heid from Heid Music🎶

DeDe shares with us the ins and outs of Heid Music, her favorite department of Heid Music, and all about Heid Music’s community involvement!

Episode 8: John Adams, The Draw

The Sponge Show is all about learning about absorbing insight from entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and community advocates, which is why The Sponge Show is so pleased to have John Adams of The Draw on the show with us today!

On this episode of The Sponge Show, we talk about how John created The Draw, which combines workspaces and offices of digital and fine artists, has a modern art gallery, and a place to collaborate. We hope you enjoyed this show as much as we enjoyed recording it!

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Episode 7: Hannah Maurer, Twitch Partner

Have you ever thought about just how expansive the online gaming community is? Did you know that people can build a large online following and even earn an income from streaming video games online at Twitch.com? Twitch Partner and BConnected team member Hannah Maurer joins us on this episode of The Sponge Show to share with us how she became a Twitch partner and built a following online by streaming herself playing video games.

In our seventh episode of the Sponge Show, Hannah Maurer and I sit down to talk about the following things:

  • Creating a space for female gamers in the online gaming industry
  • The dangers of playing video games too much
  • How online gaming can create real-life friendships
  • How to make money and even a career off of video game streaming

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Episode 5: Jeff Anklam, Waterstone Mortgage

How do you persevere when you have to start over in business? What if you have to do it twice in your career? Well, Jeff Anklam is a shining example that you can if you learn from it and do what needs to be done, you can grow and be better off. Jeff has weathered the storm of the mortgage industry throughout his entire career and built up teams of 20+ employees from scratch multiple times – learning along the way.

In our fifth episode of the Sponge Show, Jeff Anklam from Waterstone Mortgage and I sit down to talk about the following things:

  • Building a team from nothing
  • The realities of working with people
  • The value of being authentic
  • Building through referrals and saving on marketing expenses

Also: major shoutout to Gary Vaynerchuk and the #GaryVeeWineClub for doing what you do. With your wine club, I wouldn’t have the drink in my hand during the episode!

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Episode 4: Jess Dennis

For our fourth episode, I’m so excited to have Jess Dennis on as a guest. Jess has become a great friend of mine over the years and someone that I really look up to in regards to treating people well and building people up. During the episode we get to talk about:

  • Starting a PR firm in the thick of the recession
  • Starting an online tech company
  • Diving into Network Marketing (and building a team of 2,000+)
  • Exploring vacation rental properties

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Episode 3: Neil Mix, Quadrant LLC

For our third installment, we were pleased to have Neil Mix from Quadrant, LLC. Neil has been a good friend and peer of mine for a few years now and I’ve always admired and looked up to his career path. For this episode, we get a chance to talk about:

  • His start-up journey
  • Merging and working for Microsoft
  • Joining Pandora Radio at Start-up, exiting at 2,000 employees
  • Bypassing a chance to invest in PayPal early on

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Episode 2: Adrienne Palm, gBeta

Adrienne joins us for our second installment of The Sponge Show! She has a truly interesting background and has made her mark on the local culture scene with Pulse Young Professionals. She has brought a new light to the area with:

  • Future 15 Awards
  • The Artery
  • Bazaar After Dark

Now that she has moved on from Pulse Young Professionals, gBeta is next for her! It will be exciting to see what she brings to the Northeast Wisconsin start-up scene!

Episode 1: Alison Mayer, US Venture

BConnected is proud to announce “The Sponge Show!” Brad, President/Owner of BConnected, hosts this bi-weekly podcast and digital show that features local community leaders talking about entrepreneurship, community impact, leadership, and digital marketing.

For our first ever episode, we were pleased to have Alison Mayer from US Venture on to talk about:
– the USA Luge Team
– Building schools in Africa
– The year of “yes”
– The Catalyst Art Show coming to Appleton, WI

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Enjoy the full video interview!